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This update was requested by a user via discord and I thought I would share it with all of you! 
I have added a simple auto fisher to the auto catcher, this auto fisher is customizable and might not work 100% of the time due to the 10 second time limit on fish spawns. Please ensure you have a fishing rod in order to use this. By default it is disabled, pause the bot with F12 and type into discord +fishing to turn it on.

The download has already been updated.

Discord Commands: (use while bot is on but not spamming, do not include [ ] ) +prefix [new mewbot prefix] +channel [new channel] +fishing +fishint [new interval number] +spammin [new interval number] +spammax [new interval number] +client [client name] +token [new token]

+fishing will toggle on and off auto fishing, you must have a fishing rod for this.
+fishint 5 will make it fish every 5 messages (default is 600 based on 20min energy regain)
+spammin and +spammax will change the interval in MS for spamming, min can not be lower than max, defaults are 1500 and 2000 respectively.
+client allows you to use more than just the windows discord client, options for this command are;
+client Google
+client Mozilla
+client Discord      <- this is the default.

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